The Music Lover

Heart Beats Anthology 2011


My wife has affairs. Although we’ve never discussed this in our eight years of marriage I am certain that Honey takes on lovers.

Why do I put up with it? First of all I love her and secondly, who am I to judge someone else’s needs? She fulfills all of mine in the sex department as well as every other department in the store. Honey’s discreet and is not looking to get out of a bad marriage. We both consider ourselves fortunate to have found the other and if it wasn’t for the music I most likely still wouldn’t know.

She likes to make love to music. At first it was always jazz. Early on in our relationship I found myself getting erections whenever I heard a soprano sax, and if Honey and I were together she’d squeeze my hand and find ways to brush against me.

One evening, sometime after our first anniversary, she put on JohnnyCash. She was a tigress. After a week or two she was back to jazz and then a few months later it was Italian for a couple of weeks. There was the AnthonyNewley period and then for a year she returned to jazz. Over time came the wailing of Pakistani music, Russian overtures, AlanGinsburg reading Howl, Rap, Greek and recently, after we met the new young Rabbi at our temple, she began playing Klezmer music.

This one I’m having trouble with.

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