EXISTERE 2012 Canada

“I gave the butcher what for,”Lily told her sister Betty in their regular evening call.

“You have to,”Betty said, “or he’ll charge you for his thumb.”

Molly called Betty at her usual time and Betty told her that Lily had to give the butcher “what for.”

“Who was the butcher?” Molly asked, “Benny?”

“What other butcher do you have to give “what for” to?” asked Betty.

Lily answered the phone and it was Molly. “I hear you had to give the butcher “what for” today?”

“I’d rather not talk about it,”Lily said. “How was your day?”

“For the most part fine,”Molly said, “except I had to give my landlord a good piece of my mind.”

“Again?” Lily responded.

“Yes, again. And I’m getting sick and tired of it.”

Lily called up Betty. “Molly had to give her landlord “a good piece of her mind” again today,” she told her.

“I spoke to Molly and she didn’t tell me,”Betty said.

“Well she told me,”Lily said.

“Why does she keep things from me?” Betty asked.

“I don’t know,” said Lily. “It’s just her way.”

“I’ve got a half-a-mind to call her up and give her “what for” for keeping things from me.”

“Why go and start something?”Lily asked.

“Well, because I’m sick and tired of her treating me like this,”Betty said. “I’ve had it up to here.”

“Maybe she forgot,”Lily said.

“There you go sticking up for Molly again,”Bettysaid.

“Are you giving me “what for?” asked Lily.

“No. I’m just saying. That’s all,”Betty said.

“You shouldn’t give me “what for” if you’re angry at Molly,”Lily said.

“I’m not angry at Molly and I’m not giving you “what for,” said Betty. “Oh, what’s the use?”

“You should use that exasperated tone on Molly and not me,” said Lily.

“You’re right,” said Betty. “I think I’ll give Molly a call.”

“Well go easy on her. Remember. She’s had a tough day. She had to give her landlord a good piece of her mind.”



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