The High Sign

Eclectic Flash 2010

When it’s time to leave the Silberstein’s party I’ll give you the high sign Mirsky told his wife Elaine.

How will I know it's the high sign? She asked.

Don’t worry, you'll know, he said.

Show me. Give me an example she asked.

I can't do that. It depends on the situation; it could be a raised eyebrow, a tilt of the head, a point of the finger.

Would you just come over to me and say it’s time to go?

Nope. That's not a high sign.

But it would work.

It would work but a high sign is subtle and subtle is the way to leave a party at Silberstein's. It might be a glance at the door, a wink, a tug on my ear lobe . . .

What happens if we're talking to each other and decide we want to leave? Do we just not look at each other and whisper, "high sign"?

No, because Irene might overhear and then it would be rude. A high sign is silent and never rude.

What happens if someone else sees the high sign?

That's the beauty of it all. They won't know it’s a high sign only you will know it.

But if I don't know what it is how can I be sure it's a high sign and not just a tic or a gesture?

Don't worry. You'll know it when you see it. I promise.

How about if I’m the one who wants to leave, Elaine asked?

Then you give me the high sign, Mirsky said.

That’s too complicated, she said. I'll just give you the look. You always say you can feel my look as well as see it so that'll be perfect.

How will I know if you're giving me the look to leave or because of something I'm doing that displeases you? Mirsky asked.

Don't worry. It's like the high sign. You'll know. You can count on it.

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