Horseshoe bars are made for me.  I know that the blond Amazon on the other side will soon be catching my vibes.  Our eyes will meet through her cigarette smoke and she will either buy me a drink or pick hers up and walk over and intro herself.  I make myself a bet that it’ll be the walk.  She wants to get away from the geek sitting next to her.  She’s sexy as hell and I can’t wait.

I order another.  Three or four men stand around plying for her attention and what does the geek do but turn his back on her to talk to someone else.  What a loser.  She laughs and the guys surrounding her laugh too.

She will be a screamer.  I know my screamers.  I push my glass up to the bar edge for a refill.

Our eyes meet.  We watch each other and pick up our glasses at the same time.  I try not to lower my eyes to her ample cleavage but find it impossible.  She smiles and turns to the geek, mussing his hair.  One of the drinkers has his arm around her waist and another one whispers in her ear.  Have your fun now guys, I say to myself.

She calls the bartender over and I figure, o.k. it’s not the walk, it’s the drink.  I lose but I win.  The bartender mixes shots.  The blonde, the geek, and the other four in her crowd toss them back laughing.  I stare until she notices.  Pushing my empty to the bartender again, I nod a macho hello and watch her boobs swell as she yawns and stretches.

I know that she is trying to pick a discreet way to extricate herself from that crowd and work her way to my side of the bar.  She stands on the bar rail, leans over the bar and swipes a cherry.  I can see clear down to her shoes.  Popping the cherry in her mouth she looks my way and laughs aloud.  When she gets here I’ll show her how to tie the stem in a knot with just my tongue.

One of the guys takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.  I notice the slit up the side of her dress.  Great legs – long and lean.  This is my night.  I’m anxious for this song to be over so she can make her move.  It’s not like I’m new to this scene.

The dance ends and the blonde returns to her place next to the geek, only he’s not there.  She went back for her purse, of course.  She lights up and through the cloud of smoke I catch a twinkle in her eye.

The bartender steps in front of me breaking our bond.  “Give me another,” a tough guttural voice next to me says, “and give Mr. Peepers here one for the road.”  I don’t have to turn to know it’s the geek.  I can tell by the way the blonde throws her head back and laughs.  Her friends laugh along with her.

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