Maybe I Should Sit Quietly In A Dark Room For A While

Silkworm Ink

Sometimes I have premonitions. I come by them legally; my mother had them and so did her twin sister. At different times they both told me about their mother's and grandmother’s premonitions.

I hope that my children don’t get them—the burden’s too heavy. A person can’t act on every one nor should they but the pressure is enormous to do so.

I have a strong feeling that the New England Journal of Medicine will be coming out with an article entitled The Premonition Gene and it will tell things about those of us that carry it that I don’t want to hear—things like—well I can’t go into it because this premonition doesn’t have a happy ending and while many of them do, this bad feeling premonition is making me crazy and afraid.

Forget I mentioned it. Please.

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