First Tuesday

Postcard Shorts

They laughed. Some giggled. Some guffawed. The two Asian women laughed silently while covering their mouths with their hands. One woman stared blankly at the corner of the room. Someone pointed at her and the laughing began anew. Someone else took out a cloth tape measure and measured her own chest and was laughing so hard she couldn't say her measurements. The woman next to her, a bountiful woman, took the tape and read off the measurements and laughed loudly. The woman watching the corner turned and watched this and then skooched over and took the tape and measured her head size which drove everyone to more laughter. Did I mention they were passing around bottles of red and white wine? After the woman measured her head she leaned over to the bountiful one and measured one of her boobs. She held on to the tape and put it on her head as a hat and it slid down and got hooked on her nose. Did I mention she had a hooked nose? The laughing continued and finally slowed down from fatigue.

The women sat up straight and each picked up a book, the same book, and this book club night ended as they all did, with pastry and coffee-decaf, naturally.

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