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Lovers & Other Mean People

SMITH MAGAZINE known as SMITH is the creator of the six-word memoir. They say, "Everyone has a story, and everyone should have a place to tell it."

There are numerous six-word projects to contribute to, some of which are:

  •  Six-Word Memoirs
  •  Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak
  •  Six-Word Memoirs for Teens
  •  Six-Word Momoirs
  •  Six Words on the Food Life

I was one of the winners in January of the Six-Word Memoir contest and fortunate enough to have three of my Memoirs selected which culminated in a reading at the 92nd ST. Y along with the other winners and then the audience members got to take a turn at the mike and read theirs. 

The Six-Word Memoirs in my site run the gamete of Six-Word projects--some of which made it on-line and some that I don't want to let go.

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